Smart Feed - Innovative smart fork
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Anna M. - Speech therapist 

“I just gave the fork to one of my patients to try at home for a few days and she and her family loved it ! I do believe they are planning to purchase one of their own. So, it took a while to find the perfect candidate for it, but I was glad to see there was success”!

Doctor Arnaud C. - Doctor in nutrition at la Pitié Salpêtrière hospital 

Slow Control enables to reeducate and help some people. Individuals are lost, this is the reason why they want to go on diet because they think that the answer is necessarily about food, they are wrong, the answer also concerns the eating behaviour”.

Doctor Yann C. - Gastro Enterologist 

“The present scientific data on the treatment of obesity allows us to say that there is no simple intervention, objective, durable and reproducible to allow weight loss. Reducing the speed of food intake with the help of the slow control device linked to a software system enabling an interesting feedback could allow a care combining these four qualities”.

Vincent B. - Pharmacist

“I think your product has its meaning in this distribution channel, it meets mothers’ expectations who often panic about colic and regurgitation generating a change in regular milk”.

Julie D. - Nutritionist/ dietitician 

“One of my patient talked to me about your fork. I think it’s a great idea ( usually I recommand to my patients to eat with chopsticks to eat more slowly!” )