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User Guide

Turning the fork ON / OFF

ON : Press for 1 second: a vibration indicates that the fork is turned on.
OFF : The fork turns off automatically when not used for more than 3 minutes. 

Food detection

Normal detection : The fork head detects when you bring food into your mouth. 
False detection with the second hand : The second hand shall not be in contact with the fork head.
1.  The second hand gets in touch with the fork head through the bread. 
2.  The second hand gets in touch with the fork head by use of the knife, if the finger touches the blade (isolated handle). 
3. The second hand gets in touch with the fork head by use of a knife that is not isolated. This problem does not occur with the isolated knife that comes with the package. 
4. The second hand gets in touch with the fork head through a non isolated container (plastic or metal container). Use a plate. 

Cleaning Care

Gently take out the electronic key. Once the electronic key taken out, you can put the fork in the dishwasher. 
Before using, gently place the electronic key back in the fork handle. 
Don’t put the electronic key under running water. 
A humidity indicator is embedded in the circuit compartment of the electronic key (white = dry / red = humid). 
Don’t plunge the electronic key into the sink. 
Don’t put the electronic key into the dishwasher. 

Changing the battery

Battery type : AAAA battery
Changing the battery :
Open the battery cover
Battery life :
3 to 6 months if used for two meals per day. 
Warning !
Insert the battery in the right direction. 
We recommend you to use batteries from certified brands. 

Alarm !

Light blinking red every three seconds. Please wait. 
 Light blinking green every three seconds. You can eat.
 Vibration: bite too close in time to the former one. 
 Default setting: the electronic key is delivered with a fork set at a default interval of 10 seconds. 

Alarm settings

Foreword : wait for the fork to be turned off.
Enter the time setting mode : press the button for 3 seconds. When the light blinks alternatively red and green, release the button.
Setting the time : press the button and leave it pressed for as many seconds as you wish to set the new interval between two bites. Release the button.
Enter the light setting mode : the green LED light blinks.
Setting the light : you wish to keep the light signal active (don’t do anything). You wish to turn the light signal off (press while the alternating green light blinks).
End of the setting mode : a long and single vibration (approximately 1.5 seconds).

Revert back to default settings

Tip to quickly revert back to default settings: take out and put back the battery back in. You will find your default settings with a 10 second interval and the green light blinking. 

Legal notice

 This product meets the requirements and other relevant regulations of the current European directive ROH5 and the directives CE 2011/65/CE, 201430/CE and 2014/35/CE
 This product is subject to the provisions of the DEEE 201/19/EU directive. Don’t throw away this product with the regular household trash. 
Warranty terms and conditions
 We thank you for the purchase of this Smartfeed fork. The local and applicable warranty laws apply to your purchase. Smartfeed can not accept any warranty claims in case of dammage or defects caused by the use or treatment of the product incompatable with normal personal or domestic use or with the recommendations of this user guide. 

Product information

 By using this product, by eating more slowly, you should consume around 10 % less food, which relieves pressure on the planet.
 By using this product, by eating more slowly, you will relieve your organism. View the Scientific publications
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